crocheted flip-flop thongs

summer has all but officially arrived in houston… temps are well into the 90s.  hot hot hot! …and what better way to keep cool than these crocheted flip-flop thongs!

fuzzy flip flops

i’m making a pair for my stepdaughter and now i’m glad that i bought enough to be able to make a pair for me as well.  i don’t often wear flip-flops but these are just too darn cute!  anyone who has ever made those yarn covered coat hangers should have absolutely no problem making these thongs.  the technique is exactly the same.

pair of flip-flops
2 skeins of lion brand “fun fur”
for crocheters, use a size J hook
for non-crocheters, you can easily do this by hand


1. make a slip knot in the end of the yarn and, with the toe of the shoe facing you, bring the loop of the slip knot under the left strap.
2. bring yarn up and over the strap and pull through the slip knot.
3. with hook (or finger holding the loop), reach under the strap, loop yarn over and bring up (2 loops on hook, or finger).  yarn over hook (or finger) and pull through the 2 loops.
4. repeat.  a lot.  and then some more.
5. when you get to the toe, you’ll flip the shoe around so that the heel is facing you.  work all the way to the top of the right strap, cut yarn, pull through and weave in ends.

note: as you do the stitches, push them together so that the strap is densely covered.  (you can make it as dense as you like, i went full on fuzzy!)

crocheted flip flops

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