the tale of how arin went blind trying to crochet (part 1)

recently i’ve been on some kind of frenzied hunt for crochet books… i swear, they’re *like crack to me*! i can’t pass a book store without rushing to the craft section to see what they have. then, someone recently gave me an amazon gift card and i spent… 5… F I V E… five… hours, looking through every crochet book that i could find 😐 either there’s been a recent surge in the number of ZOMGTOTALLYAWESOME crochet books or i was just not paying attention in the past!

the first “must have” was: the complete photo guide to crochet and OMG, it’s simply ~beautiful~. though there’s not many patterns within, there is a HUGE collection of unusual stitches and motifs. i’ve had some “encyclopedias” of crochet before, but none of them have impressed me as much as this book. the pictures are just beautiful (bright and colorful!!!) and the stitch instructions are easy to follow… if you crochet, you should have this book!!!!

needing a couple of small gifts, i made a couple of the motifs into bookmarks – (the tassels and chains can be removed and the motifs can be used as appliques or pins, etc.)

flowered bookmark
also? i am love, love, loving this yarn – yarn bee’s rainbow wool in sunrise. i’m thinking of adding some of these flowers to my jeans ;o

"goth" bookmark
unable to crochet a fitting ~twilight~ tribute, the best i could come up with was a “gothic” looking heart. it came out pretty well!

but, of course, i couldn’t stop there… oh no.

in the *back* of the book, there was a picture… and *right here* begins the tale of how arin went blind trying to crochet…

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