i’m still here!

i know it’s been absolute ages since i posted, everything started going crazy at the end of last year and it just kept getting crazier.  three days before my mom’s open heart surgery, my aunt died from complications due to her’s, which hit us really hard.  mom came through with flying colours, tho!  but then she had a seizure less than a month later and wound up back in the hospital.  then, at the beginning of this year, we lost my cousin to cancer.  NEEDLESS TO SAY, i’ve spent most of the end of last year and beginning of this year with this look on my face:   O.O

everything’s fine now.  we’re all doing well.  they never discovered the cause of mom’s seizure, but she’s had no more, so i’m writing it off to some kind of stress+crazy-heart-surgery-whatsit.  and crossing my fingers.  a lot.  (also, thank  you, state of texas, for disallowing my mom from driving until she’s been 6 months without a seizure.  i’ve always wanted to run my own taxi service 😛 )

anyways, seeing that i’ve been gone so long, i decided that upon coming back to the site, i wanted something new.  if you can bear with me just a little longer, i’ve a few more changes to make to the site and then i can get back to regularly posting.  and i’m really looking forward to it!!

hope to see you on the other side of the construction!


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coming/going/spinning around in circles – it’s been that kind of month.

it’s been a really crazy couple of weeks, so i’ve not been posting, because i’ve not been sure if i’m coming or going. i’m trying really hard to stay upbeat, but it’s not been easy…

on the way to san antonio to sit with my aunt for her open heart surgery, i stopped by mom’s place to pick her up. found mom in bed, completely unresponsive. called 911. she spent a week in the hospital. my aunt’s heart surgery was postponed 3 days. mom had a heart cath and found out she has a faulty bicuspid valve, which needs surgery. aunt not doing so well (she’s 82, diabetic, and had a triple bypass – i wouldn’t be doing so well either). AND i have an interview today with UT (*fingers crossed*).

so yeah, it’s been *crazy* stressful, but mom’s doing okay. we go to the heart surgeon tomorrow to find out 1) what type of procedure and 2) when we’ll need to have this done. (“we”. mom says she’d be happy to just let me have it and stay uninvolved!)

of course, since i was spending all this time sitting around a hospital room, i did the only thing any sane person could do: i dragged my crochet with me!

i’ve several pieces that i need to finish up, but these were my latest completed items:

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have guild, need sword! it’s the rules.

crochet guild of america so i finally got around to joining the crochet guild of america! but, of course, the rule is: you can’t join a guild without a sword and… (ok, mostly that’s just my rule, but a good rule it is, nevertheless!)… i set out immediately to forge mah sword!


don’t make me poke your eye out with mah hefty 3-inch yarn sword!!!

i’m working on a real piece that i’m excited about, but that is taking mmmmmmmuuuuuuuuuuuccccccccccchhhhhhhhhh longer than i wanted it to. mostly because i’m excited to see how it all turns out and whether it will turn out the way i have it in my head. *crosses fingers* but, in the meantime, EN GARDE!

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warcraft queue causes spontaneous creativity

nerdy, geeky person enters, stage left:

so there i sat. i’d already run my daily warcraft instance and was all ~gung ho~ to run it with my moonkin, but alas, the queue was taking *forever*. being the patient, calm, laid-back person that i am (hush!), i realized i had only 2 choices: run laps around dalaran (once did 57 before my queue popped – yes, i counted!) or dig out some crochet thread and *get busy*. fearful of breaking my dalaran lap record, i decided to go with the latter.

there was still that one overlay crochet project three-quarters of the way finished and i decided i’d attack it and get it out of the way. of course, i’m no one to follow a pattern without putting some type of twist of my own into it, so i decided to switch colours on the crocheted rope, but as happens all too often, no sooner had i started it than i realized… wow, that’s going to look terrible! so back to the pattern i went, leaving this tiny bit of crocheted rope all forlorn and lost amid the heaps of yarnthreadskeinsneedleshooksandbeads on my desk.

now, here, we’re going to completely skip over the ensuing mad rope-crochet-a-thon that saw me *forget to stop*, making a rope 1.5 feet longer than intended. (don’t we all want our necklaces to hang to our crotch? yeah, me neither.) we’re jumping straight into ~voila~, said overlay crochet project is *done*. and, unfortunately, i can’t post a photo of it, because it’s a christmas present. sshhhh, they mustn’t find out :O

also? just fyi, you can crochet about 6 to 8 inches of a crocheted rope before your warcraft queue will pop, if you’re dps. the “wait! i’ve to mark my crochet stitch” just before the tank pulls is always guaranteed to win you oodles of friends, too! …and by “oodles of friends”, i mean “blank stares”.

anyways, there i am, running the daily instance, killing giant spiders and smacking on demons, when suddenly a ZOMGEPIC ring drops just as i happen to glance up and see the little forlorn piece of crocheted rope i’d started and put down…. “heeyyyy”, i thought to myself, “that’s about the size of a ring! i wonder what i could do with that?”

well, clearly, you can make your very own ZOMGEPIC ring AND a choker to go with it:

floral choker and ring
floral choker and ring

i’m now considering several variations on the idea and am contemplating offering them for sale. the choker looks absolutely beautiful when worn and *everyone* has commented on my new ring.

now, if you’ll excuse me, i have a warcraft instance to run for even more crochet ideas…. O.O

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