warcraft fans/addicts: boomie, the moonkin pattern

i’ve been playing world of warcraft since march-2005 and… ok, FINE, i’m not just a fan, i’m an addict. many moons ago, on my first trip into the hinterlands, i discovered “owlbeasts” and instantly HAD TO HAVE ONE. part bear, part owl/bird, part feral cat – they’re adorable in their ferocity! big beast rawrs at me and i’m all, “aww, lookit it, isn’t he cute?” (and then i club him with my mace, because that’s, like, what you do!) when i finally had the chance, i created my own druid who could take on the same form, known as “moonkin“.

looking for something to crochet, i decided to see if i could make my own version of the moonkin and ~voila~, boomie was borned:

Boomie, the Warcraft Moonkin

and now i’m selling Boomie, The Warcraft Moonkin Crochet Pattern at etsy!

he stands about 7 inches tall and he’s soft, squishy, and cuddly!

if you cannot crochet and would be interested in ~the finished product~, drop me a line!

ribbons and buttons

what do you do when you decide you dislike the yarn you loved before?

when i bought the yarn, i was all, “OMG, THIS IS THE BEST YARN EVER.” i’d no idea what i was going to make with it, but i had to have it. but then months went by and, apparently, my fickle nature set in and, while digging through my yarn stash, i decided i was no longer infatuated with it.

…just before i tossed it out, it dawned on me…

MAKE A FREAKIN’ RUG! cuz, yeah, the ol’ pink-towel-turned-rag trick was looking pretty abominable at the back door.

the dog helps test out rug
my beagle, helping to test out the rug that i was eyeballing for size

I used: 4 skeins of Lion Brand Homespun – Fiesta and a size H hook, with 2 strands held together… (Note: not the best yarn for a rug, but it’s MUCH better than the pink towel!)

The Pattern: (also, available for download – {filelink=2}.)

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ribbons and buttons

crocheted flip-flop thongs

summer has all but officially arrived in houston… temps are well into the 90s.  hot hot hot! …and what better way to keep cool than these crocheted flip-flop thongs!

fuzzy flip flops

i’m making a pair for my stepdaughter and now i’m glad that i bought enough to be able to make a pair for me as well.  i don’t often wear flip-flops but these are just too darn cute!  anyone who has ever made those yarn covered coat hangers should have absolutely no problem making these thongs.  the technique is exactly the same.

pair of flip-flops
2 skeins of lion brand “fun fur”
for crocheters, use a size J hook
for non-crocheters, you can easily do this by hand


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ribbons and buttons