warcraft fans/addicts: boomie, the moonkin pattern

i’ve been playing world of warcraft since march-2005 and… ok, FINE, i’m not just a fan, i’m an addict. many moons ago, on my first trip into the hinterlands, i discovered “owlbeasts” and instantly HAD TO HAVE ONE. part bear, part owl/bird, part feral cat – they’re adorable in their ferocity! big beast rawrs at me and i’m all, “aww, lookit it, isn’t he cute?” (and then i club him with my mace, because that’s, like, what you do!) when i finally had the chance, i created my own druid who could take on the same form, known as “moonkin“.

looking for something to crochet, i decided to see if i could make my own version of the moonkin and ~voila~, boomie was borned:

Boomie, the Warcraft Moonkin

and now i’m selling Boomie, The Warcraft Moonkin Crochet Pattern at etsy!

he stands about 7 inches tall and he’s soft, squishy, and cuddly!

if you cannot crochet and would be interested in ~the finished product~, drop me a line!

ribbons and buttons

what do you do when you decide you dislike the yarn you loved before?

when i bought the yarn, i was all, “OMG, THIS IS THE BEST YARN EVER.” i’d no idea what i was going to make with it, but i had to have it. but then months went by and, apparently, my fickle nature set in and, while digging through my yarn stash, i decided i was no longer infatuated with it.

…just before i tossed it out, it dawned on me…

MAKE A FREAKIN’ RUG! cuz, yeah, the ol’ pink-towel-turned-rag trick was looking pretty abominable at the back door.

the dog helps test out rug
my beagle, helping to test out the rug that i was eyeballing for size

I used: 4 skeins of Lion Brand Homespun – Fiesta and a size H hook, with 2 strands held together… (Note: not the best yarn for a rug, but it’s MUCH better than the pink towel!)

The Pattern: (also, available for download – {filelink=2}.)

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ribbons and buttons