i’m still here!

i know it’s been absolute ages since i posted, everything started going crazy at the end of last year and it just kept getting crazier.  three days before my mom’s open heart surgery, my aunt died from complications due to her’s, which hit us really hard.  mom came through with flying colours, tho!  but then she had a seizure less than a month later and wound up back in the hospital.  then, at the beginning of this year, we lost my cousin to cancer.  NEEDLESS TO SAY, i’ve spent most of the end of last year and beginning of this year with this look on my face:   O.O

everything’s fine now.  we’re all doing well.  they never discovered the cause of mom’s seizure, but she’s had no more, so i’m writing it off to some kind of stress+crazy-heart-surgery-whatsit.  and crossing my fingers.  a lot.  (also, thank  you, state of texas, for disallowing my mom from driving until she’s been 6 months without a seizure.  i’ve always wanted to run my own taxi service 😛 )

anyways, seeing that i’ve been gone so long, i decided that upon coming back to the site, i wanted something new.  if you can bear with me just a little longer, i’ve a few more changes to make to the site and then i can get back to regularly posting.  and i’m really looking forward to it!!

hope to see you on the other side of the construction!


ribbons and buttons