the tale of how arin went blind trying to crochet (part 1)

recently i’ve been on some kind of frenzied hunt for crochet books… i swear, they’re *like crack to me*! i can’t pass a book store without rushing to the craft section to see what they have. then, someone recently gave me an amazon gift card and i spent… 5… F I V E… five… hours, looking through every crochet book that i could find 😐 either there’s been a recent surge in the number of ZOMGTOTALLYAWESOME crochet books or i was just not paying attention in the past!

the first “must have” was: the complete photo guide to crochet and OMG, it’s simply ~beautiful~. though there’s not many patterns within, there is a HUGE collection of unusual stitches and motifs. i’ve had some “encyclopedias” of crochet before, but none of them have impressed me as much as this book. the pictures are just beautiful (bright and colorful!!!) and the stitch instructions are easy to follow… if you crochet, you should have this book!!!!

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crocheted flip-flop thongs

summer has all but officially arrived in houston… temps are well into the 90s.  hot hot hot! …and what better way to keep cool than these crocheted flip-flop thongs!

fuzzy flip flops

i’m making a pair for my stepdaughter and now i’m glad that i bought enough to be able to make a pair for me as well.  i don’t often wear flip-flops but these are just too darn cute!  anyone who has ever made those yarn covered coat hangers should have absolutely no problem making these thongs.  the technique is exactly the same.

pair of flip-flops
2 skeins of lion brand “fun fur”
for crocheters, use a size J hook
for non-crocheters, you can easily do this by hand


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Crocheted Asshats!

recently, i went to visit my aunt & uncle. i was reminded of all the summers that i’d spent at their home in canyon lake, texas (beautiful, beautiful area) and during those visits, i learned to love heehaw (pfft! she was gone!), square dancin’ (yes, i CAN acey deucey AND load the boat!), and crocheting. in all these years, i’ve never given my aunt anything that i’d crocheted and, wanting to send her something, i decided on a little donkey that i’d made not too long ago. yet, it needed ~something~… and thus, the crocheted asshat was borned!

my what a lovely asshat

you can download the pattern for the donkey, {filelink=1}.

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Welcome to The Snarled Skein

A Toast to New Beginnings

A Toast to New Beginnings! **I don't actually drink wine, but I love the *idea* of drinking wine.

When I was a little girl, my bestfriend’s mother decided that we needed to learn something “suitable for young ladies”, rather than our cavorting around like little hellions for the summer.  For the next few weeks, we dabbled in various crafts: needlepoint, embroidery, macramé, and crochet, until our inner hellions could no longer be contained.  While I enjoyed the craftwork, there was an entire SUMMER out there with my name all over it.

As I grew older, I began spending parts of the summer with my aunt and uncle.  My aunt, being a Crafter Extraordinaire, picked up where my bestfriend’s mother had left off: teaching me the basics of crochet, having me help her with various crafting projects she was working on, and, in one very grueling instance, attempting to teach me to sew.  (For the record: sewing machines and I are not on speaking terms, nor will we ever be.)

One year, with my crochet skills much improved, my father “asked” me to crochet 250 towel toppers for a church bazaar.  Big mistake. Even though they sold like hotcakes, after crocheting 250 of the things, I swore I’d never pick up a crochet hook or yarn again.  Tedious, boring, blahblahblah.

Then…10 years later, while recovering from a dislocated knee (too much dancing) and having entirely too much time on my hands, I picked up a craft magazine and saw a crocheted doll dress pattern that I thought might be fun to do.

And thus… my crochet habit was born.  While I am crocheting, there is almost nothing else that I’d rather be doing.  It relaxes me, gives my inner hellion a focus, and satisfies my occasionally overly analytical mind: the feel of soft yarns (I’ve a ~texture thing~. I heart texture.), the ~creativity~, the geometrical/mathematical nature of crochet patterns, plus the satisfaction of turning those luxurious skeins of yarn into beautiful items and the enjoyment those items bring to people.  All of these speak to me.

I recently decided that I needed ~a new space~, ~a new beginning~.  A place where I could focus on my crochet (or crafts or whatever handiwork that I might get up to) and so…  ~Tada~.  The Snarled Skein was born.  (Such a fitting name, I’ve spent entirely too much time unsnarling yarns over the years… and I confess, I’ve snarled a few too many, as well.)

When I can, I’ll post patterns or point to crochet items that I’ve fallen in love with and I hope that YOU’ll find something within this site that sparks YOUR interest and calls to your own creativity.

In the meantime, Happy Hooking!


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